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Also runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Any typical image processing program can scan a page and save it to disk.

But Batch Scan Plus (BSP) is something entirely different. It is a total scanning solution. Sure, it can handle single scans, but it really excels when you need to scan a whole book, a chapter or a long series of documents or when you need to deal with files from a digital camera. Because it treats the series of pages as a set. Whether you are doing image post processing, publishing PDF files, performing simple OCR or just saving image files BSP does all of that and works with the set of documents. All in one package.

BSP is the solution for the woes of scanning books on flatbed scanners. Now removing the dreaded black area in the book gutter and perimeter and eliminating automatically noise from black and white or grayscale images is fast and convenient.

Scanning two pages at once is easy since BSP rotates and saves each scan as two files, and keeps the numbering right too.

Also, BSP can read images from digital cameras, both in JPEG or RAW format. These files can be converted them in Batch mode, in order to rotate, split and process them automatically, as well as edited by using the Edit Tab.

When using flatbed scanners users need to place the book in the same position every time they scan and press the book down constantly. Sometimes even doing this the images will move. This will make automatic cropping harder. BSP supports both automatic cropping and a fast method to adjust each page in a semi automated way that allows exact and fast page processing.

The typical workflow of scanning, processing and publishing with BSP is shown below:




From SCAN to a text file

From SCAN to PDF without OCR

From IMAGES to a text file

From IMAGES to PDF without OCR

Batch Scan Plus shines in scanning and editing large lots of pages.
As a plus it offers PDF generation with options not found in other packages and simple OCR as well.

Note: Requires a TWAIN complaint scanner, as Canon line and some HP models.
May not work with automatic document feeders.

[PDF files only can be created from images, not from text]

Click on the image to see it full size.

  • Fast and intuitive operation under Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8..

  • Scanner-independent software.
    Support virtually all commercially available scanners via Twain and/or WIA drivers.

  • Choice of output formats: PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PDF.
    Images are saved in the selected folder. PDF files are generated afterwards.

  • Generates PDF files from images.

    • The image files can be arranged, previewed and edited easily as well as saved as Projects before generating the PDF file.

    • Blank pages can be inserted either manual or automatically.

    • Footers and/or Headers, including page numbering can be added to the PDF files.

  • Extensive processing functions such as automatic page split, rotation and numbering.

    • Images can be straightened, rotated and cleaned with total control, accuracy and ease.

    • Batch Scan Plus is designed to process lots of images with ease.
      With a single click the actual image will be saved and the next one will be loaded automatically.

    • Batch image conversion:   rotation, cropping, page splitting (to convert and image in two files) and picture resizing are supported.

  • Makes faster and less prone to error scanning books and other long documents.

    • Great time saving feature to scan two pages at once, rotate them (if needed), and finally split and save them automatically as two different images, generating file names with the proper page numeration (example: the first page would be saved as 001.png and 002.png, the second one as 003.png, 004.png, etc.).

  • Performs OCR in six different languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

  • Supported File formats:

File formats for loading and saving images:

  • Portable Network Graphic (.PNG). This format offers lossless* compression and good compatibility with other applications.
    It is the preferred image format.
  • TIFF Bitmap (.TIF, .TIFF). Uncompressed TIFF files can be loaded, but they will be always saved as compressed TIFF files.
  • Windows Bitmap: (.BMP .DIB .RLE).
  • PaintBrush: (.PCX).
  • JBIG: (.JBG). This format is mostly used for FAX transmission, but although not supported by many programs, it offers the best lossless* compression ratio for black and white images.
  • Compuserve Graphics Interchange: (.GIF).
  • Targa Bitmap: (.DIB .RLE .TGA .TARGA .VDA .ICB .VST .PIX)

File formats for loading images only:

  • RAW digital photos: Midrange and high-end digital cameras offer Raw, unprocessed CCD data files, as an alternative to JPEG files. RAW files have more quality and file size than JPEG files. Typically they are saved with the following file extensions:

  • BatchScanPro supports RAW files from many digital cameras but not the RAW files generated by Adobe Photoshop.

  • Kodak Photo-CD (.PCD). Can open 192 x 128, 384 x 256, 768 x 512, 1536 x 1024 and 3072 x 4028 pixels images.
  • Photoshop (.PSD .PDD).
  • GFI fax images (.FAX).
  • SGI images (.BW .RGB .RGBA .SGI).
  • Dr. Halo images (.CUT,.PAL).
  • SGI Wavefront images (.RLA .RPF).

* Lossless means that after compressing the image the quality will not be reduced at all.

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