The Evaluation Version of Camera Sentry has two limitations:

  • Although it can use many IP Cameras only the first two of them will be saved from one session to the next one.
  • Cannot upload Videos by FTP.

The absolute maximum of cameras is 100, but in reality that number depends of the power of your computer and the resolution of your cameras. The more resolution, more system resources will be required to handle each camera.

Camera SentryOverview

Camera Sentry is a effective Linux NVR Software. It can monitor multiple IP Cameras and it is used for home and commercial security and video surveillance.

It offers a secure, versatile, solid and easy to use alternative under Linux. Camera Sentry is frugal on computer resources and can run on any Debian derivative distro, including Ubuntu, Mint and many others.

We do not offer remote monitoring because this only opens another channel for hackers. Camera Sentry can upload videos to a remote location by FTP, but it is not possible to access Camera Sentry remotely.

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Its main features are:

Other Features

System Requirements

Evaluation Version limitations

The full version has no such limitations. Users can add any number of cameras to Camera Sentry. The camera settings will be saved permanently. Also FTP is enabled.

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Technical Support

If you have any questions about our software send us a message from our Support page.